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rward●s it was reported that Lee’s men were mistaken● for a portion of the garrison l■eft behind at Pleasant Hill.■ Younger had further to go than he at first sup■posed, but was making all the ■haste possible, when Lee, ca●rried away by the uncontrola●ble impulse of his men, charged down the lan●e from the east, at a furious rate. Je●fferson held his troopers fair to the■ir line, until the Guerrilla■s reached a carbine range, but c●ould hold

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them no longer. A volley● and a stampede and the wild race was on again■. About a length ahead and splend■idly mounted, William Hays led the Guerrill●as. Shot dead, his horse fell fr●om under him and crushed his senses out fo●r half an hour. John and Noah ●Webster took Hays’ place through sheer● superiority of horse flesh and for■ced the fighting, John killing three● of the enemy as he ran and N●oah,127 four. Noah’s pistols were emp■ty, but h